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Note: This Wiki is for the ROBLOX game "Sword Burst Online" by Rukiryo, NOT the anime "Sword Art Online" or the light novel.

What is Sword Burst Online?


Sword Burst Online is an in-development ROBLOX game created by Rukiryo. It is being developed by ROBLOX users Rukiryo, Kensai666, Kythor, OPOHolder, WarPrince2313, kr234, and MasterOfTheElements. The game is a ROBLOX multiplayer RPG based off of the anime "Sword Art Online". This project has become very popular on ROBLOX and has recently been featured on the Front Page for a substantial amount of time. The fact that the game comes from the Anime Sword Art Online has attributed to it's fame and has helped Rukiryo procure a large and somewhat Helpful fan-base.

This wiki is for information ONLY, not for advertising! Advertising anything such as a twitch, youtube (etc.) or selling/buying items WILL BE DELETED. If you want to sell your items do it in the game.

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  • Photos of items and enemies should be 200x200 pixels, locations can be larger as long as there is no cursor, chat, or any gui in frame.

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