Alpha Icewhal is a mini-boss that spawns on top of a distinct rock next to the lake on Icelandis, commonly dubbed the "Alpha Rock". It can be reached by placing down an ore and jumping on it until it you can reach the top. Beware as it is often associated with Teaming, as It can drop a very rare Item.

Alpha Icewhal drops Frezite Ore, Chilled Hide, and the Frostbite.

The spawn timer on the Alpha Icewhal is 9 minutes. It also depends on the amount of lag in the server, in which case it can take up to 20 minutes.

It is suggested that only four players kill this miniboss. Five or more players can result in no drops as there may not be enough damage being dealt to obtain a drop.

Alpha Icewhal is an infamous center for PKing (Player Killing) due to the demand for the Frostbite, as camping on the rock allows you to kill the Alpha Icewhal.

Due to the illegitimate means of getting on the rock which the Alpha Icewhal spawns on(via jumping on an item, or climbing on someone), it is possible that Rukiryo, the game's creator, didn't intend for players to be on the rock itself, but rather that the Alpha Icewhal would fall off the rock to the players and they can pass their time trying to get up.

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