For all those beginners, many are confused how to trade. Some make the accident of

Robloxapp 20150714 2158144

Robloxapp 20150714 2158144

just "showing" their items instead of selling their stuff. Watch this video on how to start your trading! Also, you're welcome to pause the video whenever you want for an in-game step-by-step. P.S. I had a gap in the video from 4:05 to 4:28.

I would appreciate feed back on if this video helped you!

If you are to take the risk of trading your items, It is not our fault you have been scammed, some people will get scammed when people ask you to trade for items, The most obvious trade scam is Medic's Blade for Frostbite or reverse.

Beware of scammers, don't trade with random people who come up to you, ever! They may be a scammer, if you need an item really bad, ask a friend to help you, or if they have it.

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