• AYEtV


    March 2, 2019 by AYEtV

    Most people have stopped playing this game, making it extremely hard for any players to get items that are high levelled and rare. Currently, I have:

    • 8 Molten Shields
    • 9 Divine Infernos
    • 6 Aquaplate Armor
    • 6 Aquaburst
    • 7 Druids Cloak
    • 5 Breeze
    • 13 Council
    • 2 Dragonskull Robe
    • 6 Ancient Rapier
    • 6 Shade
    • 3 Last Wish
    • 5 Travelling Salesman
    • '4 'Endarkener
    • 3 Slate
    • 5 Sunray Buster
    • 1 Sun Shield
    • 3 Sandduster
    • 1 Rising Sun
    • 4 Golden Blade
    • 1 Cactus Blade
    • 2 Sandstorm

    These are just items from lvl 22-44, as they are typically the most sought after, I also have all the dev items, but only 2 of each.

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  • DarssinMagmos


    November 13, 2018 by DarssinMagmos

    Smurfing is when a player level hides, or equips their gear, so that they are completely blue. This is mostly done with 2 Skydusters and a Bluecloak/Fields light armour. This is mostly done on Floor 2.

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  • DarssinMagmos

    Convince Alex to continue on this game S2 is extremely toxic to any kind of player, and I would say SBO is much better and popular. Though I haven’t started on the raid, since I have other, more important things to do, you guys go get him. For reasons on why S2 is toxic, go to my profile.

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  • RaTiCaTzEd

    Well after being team killed in the game I decided to wright this

    Team killing is when you get invited to a party by another player, then after making it to the boss area they decide to leave the party and Kill you!

    1. It ruins the progress he or she made walking to a destination
    2. It can ruin a person's grinding party
    3. Or it can cost them a item they were trading

    So we should stop team killing now

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  • RaTiCaTzEd

    So As I progressed in swordburst. I always would have somewhere around 50,000 or 500,000 just from selling stuff I don't need or want. I't took time to devolp this skill I started small Nobody went to my stand and Now I will have 5-6 people waiting for me to greet them so I can give them what they want. Here is how to have good bargaining skills!

    Step 1: fourms

    I would use google forms to track the sales and the customer and what is popular and not. This played a big role so you know what is selling and how is the best way to sell it. keep track of the customers interests, Kindness much more.

    Step 2: Farming and grinding Mini bosses and bosses to sell the drops

    Grinding selling boss weapons is pretty popular. Like the skyduster it sucks but ne…

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  • RaTiCaTzEd

    So hello Everyone While I was playing swordburst, Do you know that rock where the Alpha Icewhal spawns. And there is a rock that isn't jumpable nor reachable. There is a tactic of using your ores to boost you up there but most of the time it doesn't work!

    I found a tactic to reach the rock with out losing your ore's.

    To do this you must have one other person with you. both of you must be dualwelding trinity's or any other versions of the sword.

    First you and your partner must be standing at the bottom of the rock and standing against the rock with your partner on your head. Then Both of you start jumping rapidity holding the space bar down. once you are doing this you and your partner start spam clicking with your trinity's. this allows you t…

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  • Roblogamer5782


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  • ZombieTycoonPVP


    March 26, 2018 by ZombieTycoonPVP

    [ Content Deleted ]

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  • PedroXMaster


    November 12, 2017 by PedroXMaster


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  • BanditBB

    Help me with this please!

    November 4, 2017 by BanditBB


    Some1 help me with this please?!?!?!?!

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  • Jetpackmaster123

    I didn't play for a long time now when i try to play sbo my inv only has nothing , everything but cant't scroll or enderdarker and windy ore that i can't use. Equiping doesn't work , when i buy stuff it doesnt apper in the inventory any fix? 

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  • FainnHuman1996


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  • Redryan555


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  • Plurde


    February 9, 2017 by Plurde

    Chikin is gud

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  • Secretagentman2003

    SAOB: RBA???

    November 28, 2016 by Secretagentman2003

    So I don't know if you have seen but there is a new floor called RBA. Basically ive searched for info on the subject and ive come out with nothing. to sum this up, does anybody know ANYTHING about it.

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  • BluAtom

    I would perfer the faster attacking one cus more dps per sec and it adds more dmg

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  • KamikaziePotato

    I need help

    August 9, 2016 by KamikaziePotato

    So there is a wiki article that I want to add pictures to,but I don't know how to move the images around when I upload them. If someone could tell me how in the comments that would be great.

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  • FlameRevolution

    So just yesterday I successfully deafeated the floor 4 boss at the Icelands. You might be saying so whay, but the cool thing about it was that I did it while under level 5. This has been my challenge and it is possible to obtain up to floor 7 while being unable to pk or get pked. I have only killed the bosses and nothing more from floor 2,3 and 4 and my exp is at 27/61 and I am level 4. If you were wondering, my account name is SwordBurstOffline. My goal is to reach the highest floor possible while mainting in non pk stage, or basically under level 5. The highest I can get is floor 7 so it will take a while. Floor 2 and 3, all it took was 2 steel swords and a lot of time to regen. Floor 4 however took a total private server with me and my …

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  • WolfOfWallStreet

    Alright, first of all yesterday wasn't a great day. Alright, i'm gonna tell you what happened.

    My friend called "freddygamer" met an admin in Floor 5. The admin gave him a Molten Shield, Molten Ore, Council, and a Buster Sword. Right, he was generous enough to give me the Molten Ore, The Council and the 'Buster Sword'. Then this happened- Hey, Josh wait.. My shield is missing! Then i said eh, it's fine. Then i went to Floor 5, i hosted a very decent party consisting of Lvl.28+. Right, it was all going well, i was like: Omg finally floor 7! Right, then this happened-- Sa' Jeff only has 20%hp left then i got stucked on his hooves! I was screaming for help but they were too distracted luring the guards away. Then i died ;-;.

    • That's not all... I…

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  • Enzo460


    May 5, 2016 by Enzo460

    total badges 10

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  • Enzo460

    random stuff

    May 5, 2016 by Enzo460
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  • Enzo460


    May 5, 2016 by Enzo460


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  • GamerboyJD


    May 4, 2016 by GamerboyJD


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  • Paynius

    Secret Rukiryo Armor

    March 10, 2016 by Paynius

    i finally had the chance to check Rukiryos Twitter and i saw a video about the inventory search system and i saw this dank dev armor i haven't seen before, i thought i should add this to the wiki since its not already here, soo yeah.  Edit: i also just noticed that he's wearing armor that looks like mist cloak and is dual wielding ruby and midnight excalibur

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  • Paynius

    Regen Master!

    February 12, 2016 by Paynius

    how good would the regen be if you have aqua plate, aquaburst and sentinal defender, i wonder if it would be an o-p class... :>

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  • TheCods714

    Choice 1...                                      Choice 2... 

    What I have now... or                                                                           Choice3.

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  • BladeOfSeraphim

    Party Issues

    January 23, 2016 by BladeOfSeraphim

    So lets say I created a party in-game with some people. How would I leave sed party to join another?People would want me to switch to theirs and I would be willing to it's just, there's no leave button!

    Someone please do help me with this.

    -BladeOfSeraphim (Copperjok1000)

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  • Ramavor

    I've gotten many rare items in SAO:B just randomly playing.

    What is the rarest item you've obtained?

    How did you achieve it?

    Anything else notable?

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  • Radiakk

    The Evil Page Editers

    January 21, 2016 by Radiakk

    I don't understand why people think it's funny to ruin the wiki, makes no sense to me, however they are probably trying to gain attention, maybe..

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  • TheCods714

    Shadow Reapers

    January 20, 2016 by TheCods714

    Owned By: Chue

    Members: 325

    Welcome To Shadow Reapers. We Are A Neutral Guild. We Are A Shadow Reaper Family. Remember If Your Pking Call It Soul Collecting.

    List of Guild Masters: 1: Chue

    Rules: -Don’t PK Guild Members Without Reason. -Don’t PK Allies Without Reason. -Respect The Guild And The Allies. -If There Is A Problem Contact An HR.

    Wall Of Death



    RANKS: Lord Death Shadow Wolf Forbidden Soul NightMare Shadow Soul Demon Soul Soul Collector Scythe Master

    Grim Reaper [46] Dark Soul [41-45] Deadly Shadow [35-40] Shadow Demon [29-34]

    Shadow Stalker [23-28] Hidden Shadow [17-22] Shadow [11-16] Night Terror [5-10] Night Watcher [1-4] Needs To Be Ranked

    WAR HISTORY: Shadow Reapers Defeats Crimson Fang!

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  • TheCods714

    Y'all need to keep into the shadows of the spirits within us. As we Ascend into the darkness of the truth. As we see the world, in our eyes... Comes experience... With experience comes other things, such as sorrow, happiness, depression and love. Some of us hide these feelings, as I do.. In the shadowy darkness above me... I... I... am never to give into that darkness, and live amongst the shadows, for which am apart... As I feel the sorrow... happiness, depression, and love... From all of you... I see now... as we gather amongst the shadows... we still band together to fight this darkness within... So I will say this... For thy has you... I shall and will... never give up on anyone of you... even through my death... For I am... and will t…

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  • VvExcal


    December 25, 2015 by VvExcal

    My name is Yui, SwordBurst online is my home.

    I always love my virtual mom.

    Then I should be considered a virtual 'Yuri'.

    That's not 'Yuri'.

    or is it?

    I don't even know......

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  • Awesomeninja4456


    December 25, 2015 by Awesomeninja4456

    I'm going to be collecting a lot of ores and hide for smithing lvl 15/tailoring lvl 15, if anyone wants to get frezite ore or chilled hide then chat on my message wall or find me in game

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  • Kiler860

    Broken Swords! (Help)

    December 6, 2015 by Kiler860

    So, whenver I equip my swords, and attack either a npc or a player, my swords do no dmg to them what so ever. Any suggestions on how to fix this? If your wondering; Yes I have changed multiple swords, and they still do the same thing. But when I try, swords like sanduster, or frenzies, they work perfectly. The swords that don't work for me is, Councils, LastWish, shade, Divine, and Auqabursts.

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  • Kitron720

    Floor 9:  Sebladus

    Eclipse (One-Handed) lvl 54 (Drop from Stygian Manticore or craft using Lunar Ore)Attack: 45Regen: 60Speed: 2DarkHeart (Two-Handed) lvl 52 (Craft using Adamantine Ore)Attack: 78Defense: 70Regen: 65Speed: -2Silver Saber (One-Handed) lvl 50 (Drop from Draco Serpent or craft using Adamantine Ore)Attack: 41Defense: 15Speed: 2

    Nirvana (Dagger) lvl 48 (Craft using Adamantine Ore)Attack: 22Defense: 10Speed: 5Bleeding Light Armor (Craft using Draenor Hide) lvl 50Defense: 128Regen: 40Speed: 1

    Delta Plate (Drop from Delta Basilisk) lvl 52

    Defense: 115Regen: 60Speed: 3

    Floor 10: Xevaria

    Omegaburst (One-Handed) lvl 65 (Drop from Lord Vorlianth)Attack: 54Defense: 25Speed: 3Alphaburst (One-Handed) lvl 65 (Drop from Lord Vorlianth)Attack: 51R…

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  • IntactAbid


    November 2, 2015 by IntactAbid


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  • SirTube

    The game's economy...

    October 27, 2015 by SirTube

    On the Frezite Ore page today, I noticed a comment.

    I sold 5 of these 25k col each XD XP

    June 29

    A month later:

    More than a month later... I bought 5 of them for 700k col each.... Hehehe

    August 2That's the game economy for you xD.

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  • Idontevenkn0wwut


    October 10, 2015 by Idontevenkn0wwut


    The effort is only shortcutted if you waste 1500 R$ on all the 2x (X) Gamepasses. 

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  • Capurio

    Since starting floor 5, I have noticed the low ore/hide drop chances. I think Rukiryo did this to make people play his game for a long time, not like those stupid tycoons that are finished in 1 hour (I am NOT talking about Lumber Tycoon 2, that thing is godly). I mean, I didn't have a problem with Dusty, since I spent hours farming xp in the boss dungeon. For the tanned hide, I bought it all. Alot of people sell it. But I have been stuck on floor 7 for a month already. Nobody sells Cloudy, Grass Fabric. Everyone calls me a 'low level noob' (most people on floor 7 are max level) and PK me. All people my level (31-33) say "I need my cloudy". I have stopped playing, since it is very boring to farm hard mobs to get 1 Cloudy per 30 minutes. The…

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  • Capurio

    There is an argument right now on whether Druid's Cloak or Aquaplate is better. Post what YOU prefer in the comments. Daily, the counter will change (amount of votes).

    The stats for the armour:

    Aquaplate:                                                                  Druid's Cloak:

    75 defense                                                                  100 defense

    3 speed                                                                       2 speed

    60 hp regen                                                                45 hp regen

    What do you prefer? Aquaplate: 15 Druid's Cloak: 4

    I, personally, prefer Druid's Cloak. I know that hp regen is very important, but I prefer 15 defense rather than 25 hp regen, since I feel "safer" or "more …

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  • Octopusmano

    Screen Door

    October 4, 2015 by Octopusmano

    To have the badge:

    Me:  So.. i bet your wondering how i, OCTOPUSMANO infiltrated your secret lair.

    You: We are extremely busy do you need to do this right now?



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  • SwagWarrior101
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  • Enorii

    Holy crap we got recognized

    September 23, 2015 by Enorii


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  • Utilitarian

    Picture Guidlines

    September 21, 2015 by Utilitarian

    Guys since the game just got a new update and for refence for future updates you have to know how to take the best pictures for the wiki.

    • Don't take a picture with the cursor in the frame.
    • Don't take a picture will the GUI in the frame.
    • Try not to take a picture while the healthbar is visible.
    • Try not to take pictures too far away.
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  • SwagWarrior101

    Is this just me? Zoom in if you cant see the pic.

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  • VvExcal

    As many of you know,SwordBurst online has officially released!

    Now who's job is it to give the players information on the latest game?

    It's us! Now get prepared to write in new things!

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  • SwagWarrior101

    I don't have floor 7

    September 19, 2015 by SwagWarrior101

    Help please.

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  • Enorii

    We get it, youre excited, I am excited, but that doesnt mean you need to flood the wiki with pages all saying the same thing. Make a blog instead of a page. Please.

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  • Capurio

    Midnight Excalibur

    August 8, 2015 by Capurio

    Have you ever heard of the Midnight Excalibur? I have heard that it exists from many players. There is now evidence that it actually exists. It is said to be Rukiryo's personal weapon, and is now on the loose #midnightexcalhype. Give any more information you have :D !!THANKS TO Cosmorider FOR GIVING THE MIDNIGHT EXCALIBUR STATS!!

    The Midnight Excalibur is similar to the Holy and Ruby Excaliburs, but the blade is indigo and the hilt is purple. It is highly sought, due to the fact that it can be equipped and used, unlike the Holy and Ruby Excaliburs

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  • FireUnity

    The Failure Moments of playing SAOB

    How say?

    Read some failure moments in the below

    1. Most Failure Moment :

      After selling some cheap stuff , and forgot to clear the price and instantiate your rares to show off

      (e.g) Sold 200 col to Chilled Hide Buyers and instantiate your rares without clearing the price

    2.  A failure moment

       Zoom in when fighting boss

       Aha , did you see of your back?

    '3. A failure moment

        Trading with your most trusted player

       And... You forgot to check your surroundings.

      *Use your imagination*

    Hope this blog won't offend some players , pkers , scammers , trollers , admins , devs , pass-byers , blog reader , blog writer , editing players , comments players.


    More Failure to comment? Write in comment below .3. m9


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