Col is the natural currency in the game. Many items are sold on Floor 1 in the shops, ranging from prices such as 1000 col to 50,000 col. Players may gain col from fighting against monsters such as boars and wolves, and use them to buy items.

When a player gains a boss drop item, such as a Frostbite, they are able to sell it for quite a lot of col.

A few months ago, a player was able to somehow hack the system, and gain millions of col. After this, col became almost worthless. A frostbite may have been worth about 500,000 col before the hack, but after it, people began selling it for around 2 million each.

Now, everyone has millions to billions of col, giving the lower level players a slight disadvantage, being away from the rich players on Floor 6.

  • The max amount of Col is 2,147,483,647 because the Col's Class Name is In Value short for Integrated Value and the max amount of all integrated values is 2,147,483,647 and they also have 4 bytes.

Trade currency

This is for players looking for Robux instead of col.

For example: an Item worth 370 million col is 37 Robux.

So for this 10 million col is 1 Robux.

So if people are selling for the point they need Robux. They will have to sell items to the price of what they are worth, so if some need 100 Robux. They need to sell items that add up to 1 billion col and etc.

10mil col=1R$

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