Cruel Lion

Cruel Lion is a mini boss that is located on Floor 7, spawning on a floating island northwest of the spawn point. The island can be accessed by a teleport pad directly underneath the island. For newcomers to this floor, it is recommended that the Cruel Lion is the first miniboss you should pursue, as it is the weaker of the other two minibosses to be found on Floor 7.

The mini boss has a grayish-blue tint of fur color, as well as a faded orange mane. It has glaring red eyes and a diamond-like shape on its tail.


  • It is well known for its fast respawn time of 1 to 2 minutes after being killed by players
  • This makes it a very popular enemy to pursue
  • This is also due to the weapon drop, Endarkener, which has an extremely rare drop rate.
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