The DragonSkull Robe is a rare drop from the Lizard, Earth Guardian, and Garish Gerberea, a Floor 7 Mini Boss.

Some people say that the Petalknight Cloak maybe better than the DragonSkull Robe because of its high regen. Some however, say that the DragonSkull Robe is better because of higher defense.

Its color-scheme is dark-based, with colors having dark values. The shoes and the ragged cloak are mahogany, while the rest of the armor is black with purple dispersed on other parts of the armor.

The DragonSkull Robe was regarded as a mere rumor during the first weeks of Floor 7, as no information was available to be found on it at that time. It is now one of the strongest armors in game.

It has a potential drop rate of 1/500, making it extremely rare.

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