The Druids Cloak is a level 39 armor. It can be obtained by crafting with Windy Hide. The Druids Cloak currently has the highest defense, making its demand high and making it expensive. Although the Aquaplate Armour is better, since it has more heath regeneration. This topic is highly argued about due to Aquaplate Armour having 15 more HP regen, but it sacrifices 25 defense. This happens a lot, since a lot of people don't know that Defense equals more health, not actual Defense. However, defense is important in short battles. To help stop the argument, you can vote for your preference here, in the comment section.

It has a mostly dark green color with accents of black and grey, and some lighter shades of green with black in some areas of the armor. There seems to be a tiny gem in the middle too.

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