Personally I would really like to see some more food ideas added into SAO rather than just fruitbowls and other than what the game pass gives you. Perhaps like each fruit or food item cooks a different thing. Also, please add ideas of what you would like to add as new creatures in the new update (like as for foods)


This idea was made by Vanquill. Credit goes to me :P

Tea: The tree mobs from floor 3 should drop some bark that can be refined to tea, add fruit to the tea, maybe make a water bottle item which you can use on water to get a bottle full of water. Heat it in a furnace, to make it hot, then go to the cooking station, make a specific tea bag, and then drink it when you need health. Stats: Health: 125, and Cooking Level requirement 30. There will be various types of tea, like Dragon Fruit, Apple, and etc. Add new fruits into the game and stuff to make more types of tea!

Water: Again, take from a water source with a water bottle and drink. Stats: Healing: 2. Cooking level 0, as no station is needed.




Example: DragonFruit = DragonScale Soup, DragonMeat (I honestly have no idea, maybe Centaur meat)

Please feel free to edit this page or leave comments I would really like to hear what you all have to say about this as well !

Potatoes and/or Carrots = Veggie Bowl


Wolf and Boars drop: Raw Meat; 5 Raw Meats to create Steak (Cooking Lvl 1)?

Mix of 1 Dragonfruit, Steak, Potato, Carrot, and Lake Plum to create Kabob (Cooking Lvl 25+)?

Ogre drop: Chicken Wing

Mix 1 Steak, and potato o create Steak and Fries (Cooking lvl 15) gives 75hp.

Alpha Icewhal drop: Narwhal Meat

Jungle Golem drop: Murky Meat

2 Murky Meat, 2 Narwhal Meat and 1 Raw Meat to create Casserole (Cooking lvl 30+?) gives 100hp.

**More to come**

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