This boss has plant-like features. It is found near the coliseum on Floor 7 and is extremely hard to fight, accompanied also by three Petal Knights.

Garish Gerberea itself has a notorious reputation much like the Cruel Lion, a fellow miniboss of Floor 7, which is to be flung around/off the map if not handled correctly.

The boss is hard to fight as it has a large amount of health and a large damage output, which can take out players quickly even if they are wearing a high level armor or weapon.

The best way to fight this monster is to organize a group to take it on, as trying to solo it takes a strenuous amount of time and patience to do so. You must also jump and attack simultaneously due to the strange hit-box.

A common way to fight this monster is to attack it at the bottom of a hill. This way, after players are almost out of health, they can retreat back to the top of the hill and regain their strength once again. Meanwhile, the Garish Gerberea is stuck at the bottom, trying to get up.

Players commonly trip and find themselves unable to escape from beneath the Garish Gerberea like Fire Scorpion, leading to a gradual death.

Sometimes players are seen farming the Garish Gerberea for the sought after collectible, Council.

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