Holy Excalibur is a golden cross-shaped sword, with a decorative blue pattern located above the hilt.

Since some Excaliburs' have come into the hands of normal players and dupers, so to counteract this, Rukiryo has nerfed the Excalibur to unplayable stats.

However, when dual wielded, the speed stats are canceled out and the controls become reversed. For example, pressing the forward arrow key would make you go backwards, etc. Your speed becomes how it was without any boosts.

☀The weapon was recently updated, and nerfed even further. The weapon is now level 1000, it can still be dropped, but its texters are deleted so it can't be shown when dropped.

This item is still valued due to it being a collectible, like the other Excaliburs.


  • The name "Excalibur" hails from the British legend, King Arthur. Excalibur was a golden blade wielded by King Arthur, which was fabled to have magical powers.
  • Excalibur belonged in SAO, or Sword Art Online, a anime series. In the game called ALO, or Alfheim Online. In one episode, it showed how Kirito and his party members had tried to do a quest to obtain Excalibur. Excalibur was later given to Kirito because of completing the quest.
  • Excalibur was mistakenly replaced by Calibur, the fake version of Excalibur, in which also belonged in ALO. Calibur was given in a NPC quest.
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