Roblox- SAO-B Killing Centurian King 1v1 final moments

Roblox- SAO-B Killing Centurian King 1v1 final moments

Got left behind by your friends from an 2 hour epic battle with the Centurian King? No need to fear, strategy is here and will make your fight easier and dropping the time down to < AN HOUR(Depending on your stats).

(note, this strategy only works after it's killed)

~credit MMMOOOBBB - Roblox


I recommend having speed gear such as Harbringer Armor or Rogue's Plate, and Double Frenzy's or Fury. It is not recommended to use any great swords, due to the fact your speed will fall down a lot, which leads you to no escape when cornered by the boss and / or its minions.

1. You'll need to have the boss killed first. You will be left behind but it's all for the better.

2.Lead all the Centaurian Defenders, even the one's out side (I mean ALL the ones out side, even in the hall ways) to the back of the room still below the steps. Note that the Centurian King spawns here.

3. Now wait for the King to spawn, it will be spawning on top of everything.

4.Now try your best to lead the Centurian King to the left or right of the room, depending on how many Defenders are on each side. You have to get in there (between the Defenders) to effectively get the King to follow you. You will most likely die.

5. Now keep going till you get the King goes off the Defenders and go on top of the steps. BOOM (note: this part is a very tricky part, I got it down by luck, but if you fail to get is over those steps of make is fail one step short, you will be sorry.)

6.You have to now lead the King as far as to the hallways, not the pillars, and your epic fight shall begin. (Note: this part is also tricky, you don't want the king to be going back to the steps, so stay at the wall.)

The Fight

(At this time, you'll still need fast armor, such as the Rogue Plate or Desert Shroud, but you'll need a strong weapon, such as Storm Blade.)

You have come a long way to come this far, you've already wasted 3-5 min of your life trying to get the boss out there, but your now at the easiest part. Try to get the boss at the 4 way intersection, you'll do your fight there. I know attacking the boss from the sides is a bad idea, but if you circle the boss as your fighting head on, you'll hit the sides, won't go under, and will do more damage. When your hp is half, get the boss in one of the hall ways, then circle it and get behind a corner so it won't hit you. Stay at the wall the entire time to avoid the boss getting out of place. Now repeat till the boss is dead. Now BOOM, dead. This will take about 30-60 min, depends on how much you die, and based upon your stats.

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