Items are the most essential part of the game. Without them, you wouldn't be able to progress. There are a variety of items, but all can be categorized into three main sections. Weapons are the swords, spears, shields, and daggers that players use to fight against monsters or other players. They vary greatly in almost every way, and it is important to match your weapons with your playing style, and vice versa. Armor is the category that all plates, robes, and clothing fall into. These items are very important in providing defense, speed, and extra regeneration to players. Like weapons, it is important to match your armor with your playing style and blade, so that the items won't clash with each other. Ore/Hide/Food is the category that contains all other items. Ores are items that can craft new weapons. Hides are items that can craft new armors. Foods are items that can heal players when their health is low. To be a good player, you must make sure that all of your items fit together to provide maximum benefits for you.

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