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This page contain every mob's story. you can chat here about what you think about the mobs and what you wanna change about them and ask us (TheCods714 and Izakrs) about the true story on every monster and we'll answer it. It would be nice if you agreed with us.

Mobs True Stories

Alpha Icewhal -

"This Alpha Icewhal is the Heart of all cold feelings and spirits. Killing him will cause everyone to get angry and kill every player they see. and the frostbite in him is only dropped to the guys who can really Defeat him with their kind hearts"

Fire scorpion -

"This Fire Scorpion is actually just a nickname. He's not on fire. He's like the others. But he is different than the other scorpions. he likes to play on the sand and only attacks within short range. His name was given to him by the Flame/Sand Reaper. And don't mess with him. cause his owners will have their revenge on all of those who do."

Ruin Kobold Sentinel -

"The Ruin Kobold Sentinels only wanted apples for their families. We didn't steal their apples, we killed them for the apples they picked, after searching outside the tower for days, and when they go back to get to their families when they get lost, and we come and kill them cause they are different, or run away cause we are to scared to see them, as they sit looking for the way to their family. When we killed them, the apples they picked were lost to us, and the apples for the childern, now strave because we took their apples.

Kobold King -

"This huge guy that kills all the noobs on floor 2. But...its all an act. This Kobold King was living atop of a big rock. with his pet (The Dire Wolf) and he always looked with him on the sky. until we, the players, came to clean floor 2. so he left the Dire Wolf alone and came to defend the new level teleporter at all cost. he regret being boss anytime. and rarely sometimes we lure him to the sky"

Dire Wolf -

"Why does he drop Orkan Ore and have the first rare sword? Well if you ask me, the Dire Wolf was the boss's pet. but until then, all of the floor 2 monsters wanted the boss to be the king. he left him alone... and until today... His tail remains in the sky hoping his owner will one day return"

Trent Protector -

"Maybe you were asking why this was Trent here and not on floor 3. Well this guy saw all what we did to his floor and he's the first mob that killed the first player who came to floor 3 (maybe Rukiryo) and used his teleport crystal (right now their in your body (Thats why you don't see them) and he was the first mob who ever came that high from a lower floor. Also he needed to be boss in floor 3. but for whatever reason...he wanted peace."

Ja'seff the Centurion Chieftain -

"The King of all Dreams. rules every player mind. Thats why he got a lot of protectors, but sometimes we can win our dreams. Just don't stop believing"

Flame/Sand Reaper -

"If anyone of you were wondering why he comes to kill people, the truth is...they're the Fire Scorpion's owner. and why they do so much damage and have 10k health? Because you Killed his pet!"

Ogre -

"This guy is the father of all his green children. And husband to Blood Tribe Ogre. and when we came to attack him, he didn't prepare his children (The Orcs) to be against us. Thats why its kinda easy to kill them."

Droggrel the Golem Master -

"This guy is the best friend to all the things that live. until we came and started kill his guardians, and citizens. the skies turned green and no flowers bloomed. he doesn't trust anyone now."

Blood Tribe Ogre -

"This Ogre mama trained her children so hard that she herself turned into a great warrior on this floor"

Armored Scorpion-

"Those scorpions are big? They are to overpowered for new players? No and no. Just be with a group! Use teamwork! Don't give up! And are they huge or we just small?"

Centaurian Defender-

"Those horsemen are only in your mind. When you go through this maze, you start seeing some things from your dreams. And how can they can kill you? Well dreams...can sometimes kill."

Frozen Guardian -

"These guys must protect everything that come in touch. if you think you can clear them you are wrong. cause those guys came from every ice/water that came. so don't mess with those guys."

Sand Wyrm -

"Those Wyrms used to be dragons until a powerful sand storm covered their floor, and the only way out was to get rid of their skin and live as skeletons. And believe me...they loved to play catch, but their skeletons are kinda...deadly."

Griffin -

"These Lionbirds are a sign of peace and freedom. Somehow we don't listen to him sadly..."

Jungle Golem -

"They were allied with the Orcs, and Ogres, until we came, and the Golems had to go into hiding, which was in the dungeon. They only attack us because they are scared, as we tore through the swamp and jungle killing the the Golem's allies, and they protect the last thing that gives them hope Droggrel the Golem Master."

Ra'thae the Ice King -

"This icestone guy is friendly if you don't know. But he doesn't watch where he's going, and he steps on everybody who crosses his path, be careful"

Turtagator -

"this turtle was sent to protect the boss. know why? because this turtle can REALLY hurt someone with his spikes"

Lizard- "Those lizard owning this maze. when someone enter they go after him but still... it takes time until they find one cause they also don't know the way of the maze."

Wolf- "Babies of the Dire Wolf, they are scared of us, that's why we can find a big group of them next to Dire Wolf.

Blood Tribe Orc-

"The daughters of the Blood Tribe Orge."

Orc -

"The sons of the Ogre."

Garish Gerbera -

"Some said this guy was weak in Sword Art Online...but when it killed too many people he leveled up and moved to here. And if you want to know, it don't eat players, it eats leaves."


"This Icewhal is a spirit. he always likes to be cold. But when the blue shards fly away from his body, They going into a players heart. and they start PK'ing/Killing everything they see. Thats why a lot of PK'ers there."

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