The Petalknight Cloak is an armor that requires Level 33 to be worn.

It is mostly green, with a few dark colors around. The most prominent part is the sun figure on the chest. This armor was most likely a reference to Solaire's Armor from Dark Souls 2

It has 70 Defense, 3 Speed, and 25 Regen. but has 7 less Defense than Necromancer Cloak. It can only be crafted with Plant Hide.

Most people get this item from crafting 3 Plant Hide with 2 Grass Fabric.

It is debatable whether to use the DragonSkull Robe or Petalknight Cloak, this is because of the Health Regen / defense values. Also, some users use Necromancer's Cloak instead of Petalknight Cloak, due to the Defense-Regen debate. Though many people say Petalknight Cloak is better as it is more valueable and rare.

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