Player Killing(Abbreviated form is PK'ing), also known as Random Killing (RKing) is when a player kills another player. To PK, players must be level 5 to be kill other players or be killed. Player Killing has gained some controversy, due to its negative nature.

Reasons for Player Killing include:

  • Overpopulation, which happens if there are too many players farming for the same thing(e.g minibosses such as Alpha Icewhal, Fire Scorpion, Cruel Lion.) Typically, the "weakest" player is targeted.
  • Guild Feud, which happens if the guild someone is in is considered to be disliked(e.g Laughing Coffin)
  • Targeting, which happens if someone has done something ill to something(e.g Scamming, previously PK'ing someone, or trolling someone) and is thus marked to be "targeted" by people, usually by people in guilds.
  • Trolling, which happens when someone wants to "troll" people doing something, thus starts attacking people, whom become baited and try to attack the troll, while the troll runs away.
  • Random, which happens similarly to trolling. People who attack randomly do not choose their targets for any specific reason, and do it for little to no reason.
  • Acting Cool, which happens when people try acting cool by Poking/or killing them using daggers.
  • "Sacrificing", which is a way of trolling, making up beliefs that players must be killed in order for a mob/an item to spawn (Most notably the Dire Wolf in Floor 2).
  • For Fun, which people do because they are bored, and have nothing else to do they will kill random people just for the hell of it, cause there is really nothing to do on SBO anyways.
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