The Le Epic Art of Poking

Poking is an action that requires maximum precision, and a large amount of guts. Using a weapon, usually a spear, the poker drives the weapon into the opponent. After this daring task, the poker either runs away, or continues to drive the weapon into their opponent.

If you enjoy poking, I'd suggest opening your menu and have the weapon you will equip ready to use. After you start poking and the "poked" starts attacking, it equips faster than having to open your menu afterwards.

Poking may be a fun way to pass time. However, you must be wary of those who do not take poking lightly. It is recommended that you have two Frenzies or Infernoes and a fast armor equipped with you. (Ex. Necromancer Cloak, Travelling Salesman). Or see Teaming for information on groups of people and how to poke efficiently by the teaming method.

An example of a poking stick, Red Moon Red Moon

The Steel Spear is another common spear used for poking.
Steel Spear

This is a picture of poking someone with a Celeste.


A player expressing his dislike at being poked by a player wielding a Celeste.



The Sandstorm is considered to be the ultimate poking stick.

It can rival even dual Golden blades and dual Sanddusters, because its range and damage is high and its range is large.Its required level is pretty low, making it rather unsuspicious.

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