This boss does little damage compared to other bosses and its servants, Frozen Guardians, but it has a tremendous amount of health, which is said to be about 7,200 Health.

This boss can be soloed because of its low damage and because the boss room is an open field with many crystals on the floor, allowing you to trap the boss while you regenerate your health. Soloing this boss isn't easy, however, it might take a while, so it would be a good idea to get a partner, who would switch turns in taking the battle when you are low on health. When you have fully regenerated, you and your partner switch places, and when you have low health, you and your partner will switch places again. This repeated manner will help ensure that you and your partner never die. Ra'thae the Ice King drops the Frost-Forged Shield and Frezite Ore

The spawn time is around 2-5 minutes, depending on the server lag.

Due to the new update, this boss is slightly easier to defeat solo, with a Divine Inferno, Aquaplate Armor, and Aquaburst. But with a 15 sec break or non at all.

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