Centurian King is a Floor 5 Boss that is required to kill in order to get to Floor 6 and 7. Like the bosses previous to it, the Centurian King has a large amount of health compared to the rest of the enemies. Accompanying the Centurian King is its minions scattered in the Boss room and the Boss Tower itself, the Centaurian Defender.This Boss has the current largest amount of minions alongside it in its respective Boss room. Due to the large amount of the minions, it makes it difficult to fight the Centurian King as the minions have a tendency to get crowded together and flung across the room, "flying". The Centurian King drops the Sun Shield, Sunray Buster, Dusty Ore, and Tanned Hide.

It is currently the largest enemy in Sword Art Online: Burst.

Centurian King's Attacks

This boss attacks like any other enemy, which is to charge at the player. However, if any player(s) fighting the Centurian King move in a way which causes the Centurian King to jerk quickly side to side, they will possibly be tripped and be trampled on by the Centurian King with little chance of survival, unless another player manages to move the Centurian King off the player beneath its hooves. If player(s) jump so as to not allow themselves to trip, the Centurian King can also knock players away, possibly into a crowd of imminent death.

Ways to fight the Centurian King

This Boss can be fought more easily by luring most of his minions away from it, either by separating the minions to one side of the Boss room, while moving the Centurian King to the opposite side, or taking the minions out of the boss room entirely. It is best to keep the Centurian King below the staircases in the Boss room, as this allows for a safe place to heal. It is a good idea to jump while fighting the Centurian King, as it will lessen the possibly of being tripped and stepped on, but it also heightens the possibility of being flung into a hoard of minions; this is only a issue if you've chosen to not take the minions out of the Boss room.

A recommendation is to not use Greatswords to fight the Centurian King, unless you are with a group of 2 or more to back you up. A Greatsword may sound like a great sword to fight bosses with, due to its defense, but it is likely you will die from being flung into a hoard of minions and being unable to quickly move to a safe location due to the speed deductions from using a Greatsword.

It can be soloed if your are Level +33 with a Last Wish, and Petalknight Cloak, even though you'll have to take a few breaks you'll be able to take on the Centurian Defenders and Centurian King.

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