The Sandstorm is a rare spear which can be crafted from Dusty Ore

The Sandstorm was buffed to +40 damage surpassing the Dark Side of the Moon in damage. Since the Sandstorm gives +3 speed, it is better than the Dark Side of The Moon in all aspects.

This spear also has a desert color scheme, with the colors of light orange and brown, similar to sand and dirt, however it was changed to a yellow and red color scheme.


  • Sandstorms are the most notable and common level 22 rare weapon due to the Speed Glitch. This minor glitch has managed to be the reason the sandstorm is very pricey. Due to such a glitch; upon level 22, it's expected you own one or you'll request one. To preform the speed glitch, there are two methods. The first method is to enable Shift lock in the ROBLOX Menu, press the Forward / W key and the Jump Key at the same time whilst you rapidly shake your mouse. The alternate method is the same principle but you use First Person View (Scroll In and Out/ "I" key and "O" key).
  • Due to the notability of the speed glitch; this item's AUSP fetches high prices as people want to use it to skip entire sections of already completed and to be completed floors, getting to the boss tower within mere seconds of the glitch.
  • The Older version of the sandstorm is noticeably lacking in detail. Major changes include that it has no sharpertop and four petruding blades on the sides of it. It kept a basic spear design and used the dominant red colour scheme whilst maintaining a reddish-brown handle.

Older version of sandstorm

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