Skills, aka how good you are at pvp, as in jumping, dodging with attacks, skills also show what weapons you mostly prefer in combat, when facing enemies on the field. Skills show us how strong a player might be which means like a guild ranking, pvp, and level. Don't underestimate someone they could be a lot more stronger than you think....

There are three main skills you can develop. You could "tank". These players have heavy damage blades and high defense armor. They often have high health regen. Many times they carry swords like the Slate, Ocean Buster or Guardian Blade. Fighting these players is usually hard, depending on their level of course (Dont just randomly pick fights with tankers your level). However, it comes with a cost. They lose speed and are often easy to run away from.

One way to combat a tanker: equip a high speed armor and blades with decent damage, preferably with a speed bonus. Wait for them to swing, because there is usually a delay between each swing. then quickly dash and slice. Repeat. This is usually the best way to fight tankers and survive with a minimum loss of health. It also works with minibosses and small monsters such as Icewhal or Dire Wolf.

The next category is the speedy. Speedies typically prefer high speed armor and daggers, even at the loss of defense. However some blades frequently used by speedies, like the Ancient Rapier, come with high health regen (not the Ancient Rapier). Often, though, many Speedies are cowards and drag monsters back to spawn or behind a tree.

One way to combat a speedy: Dont swing when they arent near you. This will delay your next swing and give them an oppurtunity to hit you. When you atatck them, rush at them and hit them hard. Sometimes they will jump back, and you can do this to back them into corners. If they have high regen armor or blades, watch out.

The last category I dont really know the name of but if you know just edit the article it would be a great help. This class is more balanced, they are not fast or slow, and have a decent damage, health regen and defense. They are the ones in the middle. They can combat both tankers and speedies. This class prefers blades like Stardust, and are a great class to pick.

I am not recommending any of these classes, it is completely your choice. I hope you enjoyed my article, please put ideas, comment and suggestions in the comments section .   :D

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