The Sunray Buster is a very rare drop from the Centurian King. It deals 42 damage, reduces speed by 1 and gives 45 health regen. The Sunray Buster is a very large two-handed greatsword splashed with a warm color scheme of pale orange and multiple shades of yellow. Living up to its name, a design of a sun shooting off rays can be found depicted on the sword. The sword also has an attribute, being "+1000 Light". This is only a custom stat and doesn't add anything to the blade itself.


  • Many people refer to this Two-Handed Sword as simply "Sunray"
  • It has curved lines, like the rays of a sun.
  • The creator said that he created the sword to represent the sun because in the Greek myth about the Minotaur, the labyrinth was dark, and they needed light to see better.
  • Thus, the dungeon was created like a Labyrinth, and the beasts roaming it were similar to the Minotaur.
  • The Sunray Buster is the only two-handed sword that reduces speed by -1
  • Has been buffed up to the new update with the new looks of the Ancient Rapier, and Sandstorm, its used to be 30 attack.
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