Floor 2 Super Guide

Floor 2, also known as Agnaroth Plains is place is where many beginners start to level up and hopefully beat the boss and obtain floor 3, also known as Vallenkor. Monsters in floor 2 are Boars and Wolves,and there is a mini boss named Dire Wolf which is guarded a pack of wolves. This floor has a long extent of area behind the tower, however is blocked off by an invisible wall. Start killing the boars doing as much damage as possible, because if you are at low health there is no point running away since you are not as fast enough to outrun a boar. it is recommended to farm boars till level 5 and then start going to the wolves. Additionally once you are level 5 you can buy and equip stronger swords such as Level 5 has many new equips that you can use. For example, some swords are; Blade of Grass, Knight Blade,and Elkshank. Some better armor also becomes available at this rank such as; Militant’s Armor and Field's Light Armor. A shield called Dewguard also becomes available at this level. The thing about shields are that it help keep you alive longer but you do less damage. If you normally use dual blades (dual blades is when you equip two one-handed swords together). You may continue to kill boars until you feel comfortable to move on. As you move to kill wolves, you will come across the Dire Wolf, which is incredibly hard for a low level to kill by themselves. If you wish to attempt killing it, you should lure it down from on top of the rocks, since the mobs cant climb back up them. You must do at least 25% damage to receive a drop, col, exp, and a small chance to get a skyduster which is a rare item drop. This goes for all mobs, as well as bosses. The only thing left you should know about the boss is getting there. When entering the boss tower or dungeon there is a maze the you have to get through in order to get to the boss. A guide to getting through the maze can be found at the bottom of the floor 2 page. There is one other monster is the Ruin Kobold Sentinel, which can mostly be ignored, or you can farm it for extra exp while waiting. That is all you need to know about floor 2, get ready for floor 3!

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