Taurarus AKA Floor 5, it is known for it's difficulty. Being the hardest Floor from floors 2-5, it makes your stay there a bit more excruciating. Inhabited by ferocious Armored Scorpions and Sand Wyrms. Almost the entirety of the enemies on this Floor are faster than you and cannot be outrun. The Mini-Boss Fire Scorpion is known to drop Necromancer Plate,Necromancer Cloak, Inferno, and Sand Duster

Floor 5's tower has been notoriously known by the name "Centaur Hell", giving a sort of fear to those who Solo. The boss, Centurian King is not one to be messed with for those who aren't well equipped.

The tower of Floor 5 is a huge-walled maze with centaurs filling its corridors. Centurian King is understood to be a mighty foe, as it traps it's inferior enemies under it's hooves, keeping them in it's trap to go in for the kill. He is also surrounded by smaller, but still intimidating centaurs.

Floor 5's difficulty is due to power of the monsters who encompass the Floor.


  • The floor's name, Taurarus, is a reference to the zodiac constellation Taurus.
  • Taurarus is known for the large amount of people who kill to farm the mini-boss Fire Scorpion, for its drops.
  • Taurarus is different from the other floors on the tower, because its enemy difficulty and size is considerably different from other floors.
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