Since starting floor 5, I have noticed the low ore/hide drop chances. I think Rukiryo did this to make people play his game for a long time, not like those stupid tycoons that are finished in 1 hour (I am NOT talking about Lumber Tycoon 2, that thing is godly). I mean, I didn't have a problem with Dusty, since I spent hours farming xp in the boss dungeon. For the tanned hide, I bought it all. Alot of people sell it. But I have been stuck on floor 7 for a month already. Nobody sells Cloudy, Grass Fabric. Everyone calls me a 'low level noob' (most people on floor 7 are max level) and PK me. All people my level (31-33) say "I need my cloudy". I have stopped playing, since it is very boring to farm hard mobs to get 1 Cloudy per 30 minutes. The thing I said about Rukiryo above is true, but sometimes I get a feeling the devs are making fun of us with these drop chances. 

L0L0L0L M4yB3 u g1v3 m3 uR Cl0uDy? o.O l3le1el3l g1mM3 aLL 0f 1T!!11!1

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