Floor 9:  Sebladus

Eclipse (One-Handed) lvl 54 (Drop from Stygian Manticore or craft using Lunar Ore) Attack: 45 Regen: 60 Speed: 2 DarkHeart (Two-Handed) lvl 52 (Craft using Adamantine Ore) Attack: 78 Defense: 70 Regen: 65 Speed: -2 Silver Saber (One-Handed) lvl 50 (Drop from Draco Serpent or craft using Adamantine Ore) Attack: 41 Defense: 15 Speed: 2

Nirvana (Dagger) lvl 48 (Craft using Adamantine Ore) Attack: 22 Defense: 10 Speed: 5 Bleeding Light Armor (Craft using Draenor Hide) lvl 50 Defense: 128 Regen: 40 Speed: 1

Delta Plate (Drop from Delta Basilisk) lvl 52

Defense: 115 Regen: 60 Speed: 3

Floor 10: Xevaria

Omegaburst (One-Handed) lvl 65 (Drop from Lord Vorlianth) Attack: 54 Defense: 25 Speed: 3 Alphaburst (One-Handed) lvl 65 (Drop from Lord Vorlianth) Attack: 51 Regen: 65 Speed: 1

Spellbound (One-Handed) lvl 58 (Craft from Shadow Ore) Attack: 48 Regen: 55 Speed: 2 Warlock (One-Handed) lvl 61 (Drop from Vorgul Commander or craft from Gleam Ore)

Attack: 50 Defense: 20 Speed: 3

Incarnated Soul lvl 56 (Drop from Soul Reaper or craft from Gestyx Hide) Defense: 135 Regen: 55 Speed: 1

Demonguard (Craft using Spirit Hide) lvl 60 Defense: 142 Regen: 75 Speed: 3 Archangel Robe (Craft using Spirit Hide) lvl 62 Defense: 161 Regen: 60 Speed: 1

LEVEL CAP: lvl 70


Floor 9 Mobs Tier 1: Minion Manticore (Adamantine Ore) Iron Wolf (Adamantine Ore and Draenor Hide)

Tier 2:

Ice Chimera (Adamantine Ore and Windy Hide) Draco Serpent (Draenor Hide and Liquid Ore) Tier 3:

Delta Basilisk (Lunar Ore and Delta Plate) Boss:

Stygian Manticore (Eclipse and Lunar Ore) Floor 10 Mobs Tier 1: Lamboquin (Windy Hide, Adamantine Ore, and Liquid Ore) Comet Assassin (Shadow Ore and Draenor Hide) Paragon (Adamantine Ore) Tier 2: Halcyon Soldier (Shadow Ore and Adamantine Ore) Vorlianth Knight (Gestyx Hide and Draenor Hide) Tier 3: Vorgul Commander (Warlock, Gleam Ore, and

Gestyx Hide) Soul Reaper (Spirit Hide, Shadow Ore, and Incarnated Soul) Boss: Lord Vorlianth (Omegaburst, Alphaburst, Gleam Ore, and Spirit Hide) Floor 11 Boss Bash Tier 1: All mobs Round 1 Bosses: Kobold King and Droggrel the Golem Master

Round 2 Bosses: Ra’thae the Ice King and Sa’Jeff the Centaurian Chieftan Round 3 Bosses: Earth Guardian and [Unknown Floor 8 Boss] Round 4 Bosses: Stygian Manticore and Lord Vorlianth Final Boss of SBO: Rukiryo (Drop Holy Sword Excalibur, Omegaburst, and Alphaburst)

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