So hello Everyone While I was playing swordburst, Do you know that rock where the Alpha Icewhal spawns. And there is a rock that isn't jumpable nor reachable. There is a tactic of using your ores to boost you up there but most of the time it doesn't work!

I found a tactic to reach the rock with out losing your ore's.

To do this you must have one other person with you. both of you must be dualwelding trinity's or any other versions of the sword.

First you and your partner must be standing at the bottom of the rock and standing against the rock with your partner on your head. Then Both of you start jumping rapidity holding the space bar down. once you are doing this you and your partner start spam clicking with your trinity's. this allows you to get more height then what your partner is providing. Then you and your partner will get boosted up to the height of which you can jump on the platform.

Be in mind this will take time to perfect!

Heads Up by the rock there is a corner thats the best place to use the exploit.

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