So As I progressed in swordburst. I always would have somewhere around 50,000 or 500,000 just from selling stuff I don't need or want. I't took time to devolp this skill I started small Nobody went to my stand and Now I will have 5-6 people waiting for me to greet them so I can give them what they want. Here is how to have good bargaining skills!

Step 1: fourms

See Like this

I would use google forms to track the sales and the customer and what is popular and not. This played a big role so you know what is selling and how is the best way to sell it. keep track of the customers interests, Kindness much more.

Step 2: Farming and grinding Mini bosses and bosses to sell the drops

Grinding selling boss weapons is pretty popular. Like the skyduster it sucks but newer people to the game seem to love it because it's their first legendary and they pay a lot for those things. I've made 500,000 for selling 2 Justifier's. Always say it in the greeting like "Todays Special Items are SkyDusters, Can I interest you in one?"!

Step 3 A name and A greeting 

More people will rush over to you if you seem more professional in selling stuff. For example Im a TeeVee Collector I have the limited TeeVee So how I greet people is "Hello and welcome to TeeVee's shop. How Can I interest you today?". Using correct Grammer is key of attracting people, Like I said It makes you look more professional In selling stuff.

Step 4 Sell everyday and stay local and loyal to your customers

Selling in diffrent area's is bad because you can be selling a sword to a newer person and go to floor 5 and sell stuff while that person is trying to find you. All customers have value so Don't skip a single one. Be kind and nice to people and you can track their behavior on the way.

Step 5 Selling old stuff

There are a lot of new people to this game so keep some of your level 5 weapons and up and sell it somewhere that has a bunch of newer people to the game. once you do that you gain some money you can put it towards a weapon or armor you really want.

Step 6 Making a server or discord for your selling campign

Once you do this you have people in your server you can notify people when your selling stuff so they can plan out what they want and you Don't have to Sit around and wait for people as much

That is all my tips on setting up a hobbie on selling

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