Shadow Reapers [Sword-Burst} 

Owned By: Chue

Members: 325

Welcome To Shadow Reapers. We Are A Neutral Guild. We Are A Shadow Reaper Family. Remember If Your Pking Call It Soul Collecting.

List of Guild Masters: 1: Chue

Rules: -Don’t PK Guild Members Without Reason. -Don’t PK Allies Without Reason. -Respect The Guild And The Allies. -If There Is A Problem Contact An HR.

Wall Of Death



RANKS: Lord Death Shadow Wolf Forbidden Soul NightMare Shadow Soul Demon Soul Soul Collector Scythe Master

Grim Reaper [46] Dark Soul [41-45] Deadly Shadow [35-40] Shadow Demon [29-34]

Shadow Stalker [23-28] Hidden Shadow [17-22] Shadow [11-16] Night Terror [5-10] Night Watcher [1-4] Needs To Be Ranked

WAR HISTORY: Shadow Reapers Defeats Crimson Fang!

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