Against: Since people wanted to duplicate it took away from the RPG, because the main thing in RPG is to earn everything you need and because of duplications farming is pointless, which means people level up too fast and the game begins to be boring. Some times I feel SBO would be better if people got good gear the fair way,and the drop feature did not exist. Col would be used to buy gear in NPC shops. In that way, people will not have gear earned by other people, they would only have the results of their own progress. I mean come on guys, one of the top 10 people in this Wikia started begging sands from me 2 days ago. Duplicating ruins the game's economics, too. People sell DragonSkull Robes and Councils for 10 million each. I mean, come on guys, you are ruining YOUR life. Quit duping, the Divine Inferno is now nothing but a joke, and is way harder to get than it is now, Divine Inferno is the rarity of the game, the rarest weapon, and the duping has made the AUSP from a 500mil value, into a 20mil value in the market. --some dude

For: thanks to duping though it helps players achieve the end game status and be more enthusiastic. It’s also really easy to find people with a sword you want thanks to this. Take CS2015 for example. Many late players couldn’t get the ancient rapier, a very nice and helpful weapon, because they missed the event, but thanks to duping they could get such and such. Did you ever want a dev item and showcase it so you can impress your friends, I.e. the trick where you have any one sword and an invis sword so that it looks like you have one sword on your back, or holding an invis sword whacking people with it to troll, or bonking with the Mallet, or looking nice with the crafter’s uniform.-- DarssinMagmos

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